Totem War


The Vicinity of the Main City: Some totems can't be attacked in certain places nearby main cities during the Totem Battle, there is no exact name of the leagues, and it can’t be attacked (reserved)

Faction Territory: If the territory is given up by a league or no league owns the territory at the very beginning, the totem will be considered as a Neutral Totem, and players from 4 factions need to attack it till its’ HP is 0 to determine the owner.

League Territory: The totem will display the league name of its owner, apart from players who are from the same faction with the league members, other players from different factions are able to attack the totem.

Open Territory: Four previous terra areas available for attack in totem war are now 'open' territories - this means anyone can use them. They do not have the full features of terra - there is no bank, you are unable to use Heaven General to teleport to the terra and are unable to claim league prizes - you can enter this area if you are in a league or not.

Protection for Map Switch
If you switch maps during the battle, there will be 30 seconds invincibility - that is to say you cannot be attacked and damaged during that time period, if you move or take any actions to attack or cast spells, the invincibility will disappear.

Primary Faction Schedule

Faction Territory Other
Aurora Thunder Ruins Open Terra
Aurora Crashing Hillock Open Terra
Aurora Thorn Wasteland Super Terra
Beast Quiet Vale Open Terra
Steel Dragon Graveyard Open Terra
Steel South Of Mirror Lake Open Terra
Shadow Mysterious Wetland Open Terra
Shadow North Of Mirror Lake Open Terra

Advantages for Leagues
With League Reputation being increased, the league rank will also be increased, which will benefit you a lot. League who participate and win totem wars will have access to two territory areas, the common area for lvl 1-50 and producing lvl 31-61. Riddle territory, the second area, is for lvl 50+ and prod lvl 61+. Each night waves of more powerful mobs with greater exp yields also appear followed by a final boss. Each terra area has an npc allowing you to acess you own bank and the leagues bank, you may also gain a regression scroll from him in order to transport to your terra from anywhere in the game. Members of the league may also claim a league bag each day, the bags vary in prizes depending on the level of your personal rank. The higher your rank, the better your league bag will be.

*Own your League Warehouse.

*Own more space in your League Warehouse.

*Increases the size of your league.

Super Terra
Super terra is a addition to the totem war system. Thorn Wasteland is the only super terra available. Super terra has the two normal terra areas, but also a new area 'super terra' area which has the same layout as the riddle territory but has stronger mobs. There is also a healer in the hut of the terra - but unlike a regular potion seller he also sells great and super healing and mp potions.

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