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Raising and caring for a Pet

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Pet System
Our unique Pet System is one of the major highlights of Angels Online because of the constant interaction, and the intimate bond of raising and caring for the pets. Your pets will not only help you to fight with monsters, but they can also level up and grow more and more powerful.
4 phases of growth
Pets will experience 4 phases of growth. In order to advance to another phase, they must experience what you experience and level up. Whenever pets advance to the next growth stage, their masters need to answer some questions, and after using some items, the pets will develop in different directions according to their masters'answers.

  • Egg: At this phase, the pet's appearance is that of an egg. Although it can fight and level up, no matter what kind of eggs it is, their abilities are all the same.
  • Junior Pet: The pet will break out of its shell when it reaches level 15.
  • Secondary Pet: When the pets'level reaches 35+, players must buy a Secondary Bloodline Certificate from the Item Mall and use it to advance their pets to this stage of growth.
  • Advanced Pet: When the pets' level reaches 55+, players should buy a special item to advance their pets to the final growth stage.

Intimacy reflects the state of the relationship between pets and their masters. Their intimacy will increase when they are summoned. If their intimacy is too low, the pets may escape. The lower their intimacy is, the higher the chance they will escape.

The Satiation reflects how hungry your pets are. Their satiation will decrease when they are summoned. If the pets'satiation is 0, they won't obtain any experience, and their intimacy will be decreased.

Pets' AI
If the pets are in aggressive or defensive modes, they will attack monsters which are attacking their masters.
Aggressive: If a monster comes within range of the pet, the pet will move to attack the monster.
Defensive: The pet will respond if attacked but otherwise won't act.
Passive: The pet just follows its master, when it is attacked, it will escape.

Pet Death
Pets'experience and intimacy will be decreased when they die.

To Summon and Store your Pets
- Right click the pet in the item bag you want to summon, then click it again to store it.
- Put the pet icon in the hotkey bar, and click the corresponding hotkey from F1 to F12,
and the pet will be automatically summoned. Click it again to store it.
- The icon in the item bag will turn grey when the pet has been summoned.
- The pet will be in a passive state after summoning.
- The pet will be stored when its'master is dead.

Pet Trade
- Pets can be traded, but there is a limited binding time.
- Dead pets can't be traded.
- After being traded, Pets'intimacy will be decreased.

- Pets can level up by killing monsters.
- Players'level will affect their pets'level. (Pets'level can't exceed their masters'level)
- Players can use some special items to store the experience that their pets have obtained, and then distribute the experience to themselves.

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