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What is the Item Mall?

The Item Mall is a special type of shop that allows players to buy some items which are not available somewhere else among with other valuable items of the game. You can find items such as:
1. Double Exp Cards
2. Double Skill Cards
3. Lucky Bags
4. Broadcasting
5. Fashion
6. Etc.

How to use the Item Mall

Players can use real money to buy IGG Point Cards. They can exchange these points for Angel Gold and then use that gold to buy items in the game.
There are five different kind of IGG Point Cards:
1. IGG 100 Points Card ~ USD$5.50
2. IGG 200 Points Card ~ USD$11.00
3. IGG 500 Points Card ~ USD$27.50
4. IGG 1000 Points Card ~ USD$55.00
5. IGG 2000 Points Card ~ USD$110.00

Why using the Item Mall

The Item Mall is the only way IGG has to earn money to pay for the expenses the company has. By using the Item Mall you are helping the company to keep the game on.
Can IGG be greedy? Of course it can, but it has a cost: the loss of players and/or customers.

What payment methods are available?

Users can pay in any currency to the value of the USD sum presented and there are several payment options available for a range of different regions.
1. Credit Card
2. Paypal
3. Google Checkout
4. Pay by Cash
5. Click And Buy
6. AliPay (Asia Only)
7. Western Union
8. Onebip (Mobile Phone)
9. Paysafecard (Europe Only)

Official Site

You can follow this link to buy IGG Points Card. If you need more information, this is the official guide made by IGG to teach you how to use the Item Mall.

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