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20071126221807359.jpg Good at defending himself with a shield. The best tank in battle. They can wear plate armor.

axe.gif enhance.gif grapple.gif shield.gif reserve.gif garment.gif
20071126211850625.jpg Good at using an axe to deal an excellent amount of damage. They can wear plate armor as well. They are tanks in battle field.

axe.gif enhance.gif grapple.gif reserve.gif finesse.gif garment.gif
20071126221636400.jpg Good at sword skills and able to deal an immense damage in a short period of time. This class can wear Plate Armor.

sword.gif enhance.gif grapple.gif reserve.gif finesse.gif garment.gif
20071126221848945.jpg Good at spear skills and can dish out excellent amount of ranged damage. This class can wear Plate Armor.

spear.gif enhance.gif grapple.gif reserve.gif finesse.gif garment.gif
2007112622194364.jpg Good at long bow skills and ranged attacks and can deal damage to enemies in a very long distant. This class can wear Leather Armor.

bow.gif snipe.gif eagle-eye.gif reserve.gif finesse.gif mantle.gif
701979967.jpg Strong, ranged and melee class. Uses stealth and speed to kill its enemies. This class uses a single blade weapon and leather armor. Three new skill types incorporate Assassin: Assault, Avatar and ShadowBlade.

shadowblade.gif grapple.gif reserve.gif avatar.gif assault.gif mantle.gif
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