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Angel Baby (short: AB) - An ingame system of macros which allows the character to follow tasks while inactive. e.g. Killing monsters and collecting materials

Accuracy (short: Acc) = Rigor

Agility (short: Ag. or Agi) - Agility allows you to dodge enemy attacks. » Agility

Antetype - The type of your pet, depends on the way you treat it. Different pet antetypes have different look, stats and skills. » Pets

AOE = Area Of Effect: Spells or Stances that can affect all monsters (characters) around caster (Self AOE), or around pointed target (Ranged AOE). Usually the area of effect is 5 fields from center.

Attack (short: Atk) - Main power of melee fighters and most of monsters determines physical damage. Player's attack depends mostly on skills and a weapon used. » Right Attack, Left Attack

Attack Speed - Attack speed determines how fast your character can attack. It is different for each kind of weapon. » Attack Speed

Beating rate = Critical

Casting (time) - Spells and skills have casting time. The casting time tells you how long it takes to use skills and magic.

Character = Class; also can refer to your avatar/ the person you are playing as.

Class - The job that your character has. » Fighters, Mages, Producers

Constitution = Stamina

Cooldown (time) - The time you have to wait before using the Spell/Stance again.

Corrosion Damage - Damage dealt in a period of time. There's no defense against it.

Credit - When you do quests or complete orders (producers), you get credit. Credit levels up your character's rank. » Rank

Critical (short: Crit) - Critical is indicated by a red spikey box. Critical means you have done damage which is more than you usually do. » Critical

Damage (short: Dmg) - The amount of HP taken with a hit, Stance or Spell.

Defense (short: Dfs or Def) - Defense is your character's ability to block enemy attacks. More defense = less damage taken. Player's defense depends mostly on skills and armor.

Experience (short: Exp) - Points required to level up. You can obtain tham by killing monsters, doing quests or orders.

Faction - There are 4 factions in AO: Beast, Aurora, Shadow, Steel. You pick your faction after you graduate from Angel Lyceum. You can change your faction for a fee by talking to Census Angel. » Factions

Fear Resistance = Soul

Fire (short: F.) - One of four kinds of special attacks. » Fire Atk, Fire Dfs

Frozen Snipe 5 (short: FS5) - The Level 5 skill of Frozen Snipe. It has the stance power of 100%, one of the 2 skills that have 100%.

Hardiness -It helps determine whether your item is broken or not. It helps show how long the item has been used and can be repaired at Repair Expert located in all 4 Cities and other various places when Hardiness reaches 0

HB Stone = Holy BattleField Stone. It allows you to enter the holy battlefield event.

Heart Resistance = Soul

Hit Rate = Critical

HP - Hit Points, your life. If this hits 0, you die.

Ice (short: I.) - One of four kinds of special attacks. » Ice Atk, Ice Dfs

Intimacy Degree - the bound between you and your pet. Rises every 10 min when pet is out, decreases when pet is hungry or is killed. If pet's intimacy degree is lower then 40 when it dies, it can run away after reviving. » Pets

Job = Class, see a list of job titles

KS - Kill Stealing; Attacking monster that someone else is already fighting with.

League (Guild) - A group of players with a Leader. They fight each other in Totem Wars.

Level (short: Lvl or Lv) - The strength of your character. The higher your level, the stronger you are

Load ability = Maximum Weight

Magic (attack/defense) = Spell

Maximum HP (short: Max.HP) - The maximum Hit Points you can have. This will go up with your level.

Maximum MP (short: Max.MP) - The maximum Mana Points you can have. This will go up with your level.

Maximum Weight (short: Max Weight) - The maximum Weight you can hold.

MP - Mana Points, used for casting Spells and some stances.

Panther Killing 5 (short: PK5) - level 5 of melee classes only ranged stance. It has the stance power of 100%, one of the 2 skills that have 100%. see:PK5

Rank - [description] see: Angel Rank and Credits

Rank (for skills) = Skill Level

Rigor (short: Rig.) - (Accuracy) determines how often you hit a target. Lower Rigor = More misses

Rotten (short: Rtn or R.) - One of four kinds of special attacks. » Rotten Atk, Rotten Dfs

Satiation Degree - [description]

Skill (general) - Your character have 6 skills that determines it's stats and abilities and allows to use certain items. Up to lvl 20 you can change your skills for free, later you have to buy Skill Crystal each time you want to change skill. » Skills

Skill (warriors) = Stance

Skill Level - you need higher level of skills to use better items/spells/stances/recipes and to improve your stats. » Skills

Soul - ??? » Soul

SP = Skill Points: Some stances us SP. You gain SP by dealing damage to monsters or using Bloody Storm stance. » SP

Special Attack - There are four kinds of special attacks: Thunder, Fire, Ice, Rotten. They deal additional damage apart from physical or spell damage.

Special Defense - Defense against Special Attacks.

Speed - Determines how fast character can move. Player's speed depends mostly on ride or robot.
In game all speeds are expressed in percents (%). For convenience at the AOwiki there are also used verbal expressions:
Very Slow: 30-50%; Slow: 55-60%; Moderate: 65-75%; Fast: 80-85%; Very Fast: 90-100%; Super Fast: over 100%.
Weapon attack speeds: 1=60%; 2=70%; 3=80%; 4=90%.

Spell (mages) - Basic mage's ability. Needs MP for casting. » Earth, Life, Chaos, Wraith

Spell (general) = Skill

Spell (warriors) = Stance

Spell Attack (short: Spl Atk) - Spell Attack determines spells damage. Player's spell attack depends mostly on skills and staff used. » Spell Attack

Spell Defense (short: Spl Dfs) - Spell Defense determines how much damage magic does to your character or monster. Player's spell defense depends mostly on skills and armor. » Spell Defense

Spell Level - There are 5 levels. Each level increases the strength of your spell.

Stall - Stalls allow you to sell items to other players.

Stamina (short: Sta) - ??? » Stamina

Stance - warriors equivalent of mages Spell [description]; see: Sword, Axe, Spear, Bow

Stance Level - There are 5 levels. Each level increases the strength of your stance.

Team - A group of 2 or more (max 5) who are fighting together. They can share experience or they can be alone.

Thunder (short: Thnd or T.) - One of four kinds of special attacks. » Thunder Atk, Thunder Dfs

Weight - How heavy something is. If the total weight of all that you carry goes over your Maximum Weight, you can`t take any new items.

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