Classes: Melee Short Range: Swordsman, Warrior, Protector, Spearman, Assasin. Melee Long Range: Archer. Mages: Earth, Wraith, Chaos, Life. Producers: Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Tailor, Chef, Tech Guy. Mantle Wearers: Archer, Producer, Assasin. Garment Wearers: Rest of Melee. Vestment Wearers: Mages. Fast Kill-Assasin, Swordsman. Defense-Protector. Attack-Warrior, Spearman. Spell Attack-Mages. Healer-Life aka Priest. Attack and Defense Mixture-Swordsman. Fast-Assasin. Most Hated-Assasin. Choose wisely o,o

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