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Cardset Cards Reward
Elf Cardset 4 5127.gif Little Angel Halo
Spike Cardset 4 6270.gif Earth Elf Egg 6254.gif Pet Can 6261.gif Low-level Exp Stone
Railway Cardset 4 6268.gif Fire Elf Egg 6254.gif Pet Can 6261.gif Low-level Exp Stone
Jungle Cardset 4 6267.gif Water Elf Egg 6254.gif Pet Can 6261.gif Low-level Exp Stone
Desert Cardset 4 6269.gif Wind Elf Egg 6254.gif Pet Can 6261.gif Low-level Exp Stone
Crash Cardset 4 5077.gif Aurora Gown
Fungus Cardset 4 5078.gif Dark Gown
Mirror Cardset 4 5058.gif Angel Wings
Mushroom Cardset 4 5080.gif Beast Gown
Degula Cardset 4 5057.gif Bat Wings
Scrap Cardset 4 5079.gif Iron Gown
Flame Cardset 4 5053.gif Gorgeous Mantle
Gebuer Cardset 4 5334.gif Climbing Penguin Robot 5336.gif Climbing Koala Robot
Dragon Cardset 4 6208.gif Graveyard Mouse Ride 6209.gif Graveyard Lemmus Ride
Jade Cardset 4 5056.gif Butterfly Wings
Nightmare Cardset 5 8662.gif Energy Crystal x20
Artisan Cardset 5 8938.gif Weight Seed
Power Cardset 5 5283.gif Pestle
Flora Cardset 6 8936.gif Attack Seed 8937.gif Spell Attack Seed 6861.gif Sea Rose Bouquet
Flame Cardset 6 8942.gif Fire Star Mantle 8922.gif Fire Crystal
Aurora Cardset 5 8931.gif Purple Crystal
Beast Cardset 5 8932.gif Opal
Peace Cardset 5 8933.gif Ivory Stone 8935.gif Jade
Iron Cardset 5 8934.gif Garnet
Craftsman Cardset 5 5524.gif Craftsman Soul Ticket 8663.gif Craftsman Soul
Renascence Cardset 5 6580.gif Good Reborn Sword 5481.gif Clear Diamond Bag 8893.gif Sword Introduction Card
Earthquake Cardset 5 6586.gif Good Shake Axe 5481.gif Clear Diamond Bag 8893.gif Axe Introduction Card
Storm Cardset 5 6582.gif Good Thunder Spear 5481.gif Clear Diamond Bag 8893.gif Gun Introduction Card
Arc Cardset 5 6589.gif Good Heaven Bow 5481.gif Clear Diamond Bag 8893.gif Bow Introduction Card
Wisdom Cardset 5 6584.gif Good Fool Staff 5481.gif Clear Diamond Bag 8893.gif Staff Introduction Card
Primary Craftsman Cardset 7 5524.gif Lvl 70 Top Weapon Ticket
Defense Cardset 5 6629.gif Flight Shield
Mystery Cardset 5 6576.gif Hope Mantle
Curse Cardset 5 6579.gif Poison Kid Backpack
Nobility Cardset 5 8638.gif Angel's Blessing
Wish Cardset 4 8902.gif Wish Card 8903.gif Wish Card 8904.gif Wish Card
Beach Cardset 4 8926.gif Life Seed Card
Belief Cardset 4 8906.gif Merman's Trust Card 8907.gif Merman's Trust Card 8908.gif Merman's Trust Card
Coral Cardset 4 8909.gif Coral Nurse's Blue Lizard Card 8910.gif Coral Nurse's Sweet Cat Card
Impurity Cardset 5 5227.gif Collecting Energy Core Lvl 3 5225.gif Producting Fast Gear Lvl 3
Art Cardset 5 6865.gif Teny's Art Card 6866.gif Teny's Art Card
Take Care of Your Stomach 4 7055.gif Rotten Grilled Fish
Underwater World 5 6765.gif Star Giveaway Bag
Fish's Dance 4 7055.gif Scale Fish Combat Card 7055.gif Linber Elder Rhythm Card 7055.gif Scale Soldier Dance Card
King on the Sea 5 7055.gif Sailor's Soul
Scamble in the Sea 4 28852.gif Patron Saint of Earth
Melee Now 4 28850.gif Attack Runes Pieces 28849.gif Defense Runes Pieces
Magic is Art 4 7055.gif Protection Runes Pieces 7055.gif Mana Runes Pieces
Real Bowman 4 abqps6.jpg Accuracy Runes Pieces 25frtzl.jpg Burning Runes Pieces
King of Worms 4 28839.gif Beetle King
Rainforest Ecology 4 7055.gif 10-star Piercing Hammer 5283.gif Pestle 7055.gif Ride Feed
Bloody Demons 4 7055.gif Holy Soul 7055.gif Guardian's Heart
Forest's Hope 5 7055.gif Jungle Rot 7055.gif Jungle Fight 7055.gif Jungle of Hope
Sealed Souls 4 8663.gif Parrot Soul 7055.gif Antelope Soul 7055.gif Butterfly Soul
Digging Tools 5 7055.gif All-purpose Tool Set
Eilian Awaits You 5 7055.gif Friendship Ring 7055.gif Friendship Ring 7055.gif Friendship Ring
Master of Robbers 4 7055.gif Stolen Goods
Slay Dragon 4 7055.gif Good Dragon's Chine Scythe 7055.gif Good Dragon Colossus Blade
Search for Special Animals 4 7055.gif Magic Crystal Ball
Modern Traffic 4 86387381.png Toy Boat 93332510.png Toy Robot cap0005.jpg Toy Train
Self-protection in Desert 5 29091.gif Desert Disguise Mantle
Little Girl's Wish 5 7055.gif Fantastic Lantern
Happy Together 5 7055.gif 8 Spice Soup
Join Party Now 4 7055.gif Dancer Invitation Card
I want a zoo 7 7055.gif Desert Visit Ticket 7055.gif Forest Visit Ticket 7055.gif Sea Visit Ticket
Palace, Palace! 5 7055.gif Royal Badge
Storm Comes Now! 4 7055.gif Monster Egg 7055.gif Monster Egg 7055.gif Monster Egg
Worms Conquer the World! 5 28948.gif Worm Pesticide
Leaders of Evil Lyceum 5 7055.gif Hole Fruit 7055.gif Hero Fruit
Cute but Deadly 4
Powers of Nature 4
Sky City 4
Tech-Revolution 4
Garden of Mystery 4
Killer Racers 4
Young and Dangerous 4
Flight Masters 4
Ironfists 4 Production Attribute Set Attribute Set for Combat
Beauty Beyond 4 Aki's Album Aki's Album Aki's Album
Feathery Memory 4 9590.gif Transform into Scorpion Nick 9591.gif Transform Puli
Brash Challenger 4 Craftsman Mark Dragon Flame
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