Worms Conquer The World

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Worms Conquer The World

It is time to fight back now. Worms, let's teach those human beings a lesson

Card Info
sallen.gif 8896.gif Sallen Card
Card level: 9

To be continued.

Dropped by:
Evil Ship
artist-mark.gif 8894.gif Artist Mark Card
Card level: 7

He always tries to change others' color. In fact, he is not an artist because he doesn't know how to draw.

Dropped by:
Half-beast Hamlet, Happy Angel Village
Artist Mars
poisonous-snake.gif 8893.gif Poisonous Snake Card
Card level: 6

It was expelled out of the Evil Lyceum because it always made friends with sheep.

Dropped by:
Ghost Village
Poisonous Snake
crocodile-quake.gif 8893.gif Crocodile Quake Card
Card level: 6

It is boring to stay in the den. They begin to add something on their body, such as wings and horns. However, they are still crocodiles.

Dropped by:
River Valley, Happy Angel Village
Crocodile Mr Ku
naga-colonel-zic.gif 8893.gif Naga Colonel Zic Card
Card level: 6

He dreams to conquered the whole forest. However, nobody knows when his dream will become true.

Dropped By:
Ancient Glide River
Naga Colonel Zic
28948.gif Worm Pesticide Lvl 95 Ride
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