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Wisdom Cardset

You must own the Sentiment of the Sage.

shy-plant.gif 8891.gif Blood Bamboo Card
Card level: 4

It is a very much misunderstood plant. Upon coming close to it, one may see it flushed with red and assume that it is blood. However, really it is a shy plant. And the color you see is in fact the plant blushing, as a result very few people have ever seen the plants true color.

You may obtain it by collecting Blood Bamboo

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sufts-support.gif 8892.gif Suft's Support Card
Card level: 5

How can Suft give you an order if you cannot promise the quantity and quality.

You may obtain it by handing in Suft's orders of the Fool Staff and the Energy Gloves.(Have to trade with Suft Branch in the Palm Base)
lucid-material.gif 8892.gif Lucid Material Card
Card level: 5

Lucid material is the purest thing in the world. Take care during delivery. If it was to fall then there would be no choice but to buy a new one.

Palm Base
Transparent Material
manufacture-card-6.gif 8893.gif Manufacture Card 6
Card level: 6

Some say that a Fool makes the best wisdom tutor. The words of fool come closer to the truth and improve mana wisdom.

You may obtain it by advanced manufacturing the Fool Staff.
earl-makice.gif 8893.gif Earl Makice Card
Card level: 6

The eccentric earl, who loves to sleep in his tomb, says that sleeping like this always gives him the best hairstyle in the morning.

Gulp Room
Earl Makice Boss
staff-introduction.gif Staff Introduction Card -
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