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Storm Comes Now!

They are bad-tempered and like to destroy everything. In a word, they are crazy.

Card Info
rage-denio.gif 8893.gif Rage Denio Card
Card level: 6

This guy has a really bad temper.

Dropped by:
Blue Ocean, Raging Reefs
Rage Denio
rage-orangutan-jordan.gif 8893.gif Rage Orangutan Jordan Card
Card level: 6

Their furs are red as well because they always become angry without a reason.

Dropped by:
River Valley, Happy Angel Village
Rage Orangutan J
shot-fierer.gif 8892.gif Shot Fierer Card
Card level: 5

His bombs always scare people nearby

Dropped by:
Ghost Village
Rip Man
raging-giant-stoneman.gif 8894.gif Raging Giant Stoneman
Card level: 7

There are a lot of bad-tempered guys in the desert. But, Raging Giant Stoneman is NO. 1

Dropped by:
Ancient Front
Raging Stoneman
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