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Scramble in the Sea

It is really dark under the water. But the hatred of the ocean can be found.

Card Info
death-sailor.gif 8892.gif Death Sailor Card
Card level: 5

Without their boats, those sailors have nothing constructive to do kill time. So they gossip with each other all day and chase after Merman.

Dropped by:
Blue Ocean, Quiet Ocean, Coral Vale
Death Sailor
winged-fish.gif 8892.gif Winged Fish Card
Card level: 5

It is a rare Angel Fish. It is hard for it to beat it's wings because it has been under the water for a long time. Maybe it is the fate of Angels who are not

Dropped by:
Sunken Ruins, Quiet Ocean, Coral Vale
Winged Fish
hicalu-ship-1.gif 8895.gif Hicalu Ship 1 Card
Card level: 8

As the last and the most powerful guardian of Atlantis, the Hicalu Ship 1 has the super mission of destroying every enemy who shows an interest in the.

Dropped by:
Lost Region
Hicalu 1
asharl.gif 8896.gif Asharl Card
Card level: 9

To be continued.

Dropped by:
Evil Ship
patronsaintofearth.gif Patron Saint of Earth Patron Saint of Earth (lvl 85 Ride)

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