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Renascence Cardset

You must own the Renascence Skill.

silver-ore.gif 8891.gif Silver Ore Card
Card level: 4

It seems to be the fuel crystal. The ore possesses good tenacity and tractility. Is it the so-called black gold?

You may obtain it by collecting Silver Ore

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sufts-belief.gif 8892.gif Suft's Belief Card
Card level: 5

Why does the Suft C of C give orders to you? As long as your skills are known, then orders will come one after another.

You may obtain it by handing in Suft's orders of the Reborn Sword and Level 7 Big Hamburger.(Have to trade with Suft Branch in Palm Base)
sharp-material.gif 8892.gif Sharp Material Card
Card level: 5

What will happen if tartness meets hardness? We can only see by trying it out!

Disciple Andsen in the Palm Base wants to forge a famous weapon but he is unable to find rare material, maybe you can help him.
Related quest: Sharp Material
manufacture-card-2.gif 8893.gif Manufacture Card 2
Card level: 6

Every sword has to experience much to become an outstanding one. And then it may called a Reborn Sword.

You may obtain it by the advanced manufacturing of the Reborn Sword, or Fire Guard Boots, or Hermit Boots or Energy Boots.
trapped-shar.gif 8893.gif Trapped Shar Card
Card level: 6

He is lost in maze which serves him right. As he always set traps on purpose for those who enter the maze.

Gupl Room
Trapped Shar
sword-introduction.gif Sword Introduction Card -
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