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Card Info
loyal-servant.gif 8890.gif Loyal Servant Card
Card level: 3

The Little Childe is never independent. He lost in the underground of the Riddle City, but he is also waiting for someone to save him.

Flaming Door (Little Childe)
Unruly Little Childe, The Little Childe's new pet

Other sets:
Power Cardset
guilt-azrael.gif 8891.gif Purgatorial Azrael Card
Card level: 4

He always has a hook and a sandglass, the former is the main tool of his wealth, the latter reminds him of the shifting nature of luck.

Dropped by:
Thunder Ruins
Guilt Azrael
earth-demon.gif 8892.gif Earth Demon Card
Card level: 5

Born as a Giant, he has to work in the wild. You can say hello to him, but don't shake hands.

Dropped by:
Deity Palace Ruins
Evil Earth Elf
guard-fasit.gif 8892.gif Guard Fasit Card
Card level: 5

Although he has a strong body, he is afraid of the dark. Only once a light is turned on, will he come out.

Dropped by:
Magic Kitchen Path
Guard Fasit
evil-tree.gif 8893.gifEvil Tree Card
Card level: 6

Sunshine, air and water are not favored by him. He prefers the sour water from the depths. Obviously, he is an evil monster.

Dropped by:
Sad Abyss
Evil Tree
8933.gif Ivory Stone Gem - Lvl 60 - Weapon:+59 HP;
Armor/Shield: +10 Def
8935.gif Jade Gem - Lvl 60 - Weapon/Armor/Shield::+12 Spl Def, +1 ???
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