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King of Worms

Those worms have earned a lot last time. Now, they are looking for another chance to show off their abilities.

Card Info
death-killer-camote.gif 8893.gif Death Killer Camote Card
Card level: 6

It is a professional killer among worms and is called as Death Killer. However, we always see that it is sent back on a stretcher.

Dropped by:
Ancient Glide River
Death Killer Camote
noisy-worm.gif 8892.gif Noisy Worm Card
Card level: 5

These worms are noisy and they always wander here and there. However, the most depressed thing is that it is really difficult for you to understand what they are.

Dropped by:
Noisy Rain Forest
Noisy Worm
giant-forest-moth.gif 8893.gif Giant Forest Moth Card
Card level: 6

Do you feel that you are stared by many eyes when you pass through the jungle? In fact, these guys like to stay on a stone and stare at others with the eyes.

Dropped by:
Clouding Forest
Giant Forest Moth
hook-worm-king.gif 8894.gif Hook Worm King Card
Card level: 7

To be continued.

Dropped by:
Giant Wooden Stairs
Hook Worm King
28839.gif Beetle King Lvl 90 Trinket
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