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Iron Cardset

Strong and rigid like Iron and Steel

thankful-root.gif 8889.gif Thankful Root Card
Card level: 2

[My hands are swollen but I have not managed to dig anything up. Now some monsters are stealing my things, how annoying!]

Sad Abyss (Exploring Member)
Striving for resources, No time delay, Labor's difficulty

Other sets:
Power Cardset
savage-dogface.gif 8893.gif Savage Dogface Card
Card level: 6

It is said their race has evolved from mud. However, they seem to be able make steamed bread with a delicious smell.

Dropped by:
Thorn Wasteland
Savage Dogface
burning-monster.gif 8893.gif Burning Monster Card
Card level: 6

He wishes more than anything to take a cold bath. Once, when he dipped himself in the Mirror Lake, the lake water turned into a hot spring at once.

Dropped by:
Thunder Ruins
Burning Monster
flame-elf.gif 8893.gif Flame Elf Card
Card level: 6

It is said that if you take the Flame Elf home it will solve the problem of firewood. But no one dares to do it.

Dropped by:
Lava Cave
Flame Elf (Boss)
jail-wardens.gif 8893.gif Jail Warden's Card
Card level: 6

He was a guard of Lucifer, but he loves drinking too much. It is said that his head would not be seperated from the wine bottle. So he separated his head from his body and then the body was sent off to be a Fervor Road Guard.

Dropped by:
Fiery Path
Jail Warden (Boss)
8934.gif Garnet Gem - Lvl 60 - Weapon/Armor/Shield: Attack +15
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