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Garden of Mistery

The greenary is part of the nature, but do you know that even the seemingly harmless flora has a deadly side?

Card Info
a-bouquet-of-beauty.gif 8893.gif Card of Beauty Bouquet
Card level: 6

It takes great skill to grow a crop of the most beautiful flowers, it takes even more skill to grown them in adverse conditions!

Season Garden
Other's garden's are better
apparel-of-neccessity.gif 8893.gif Card of Apparel of Neccessity
Card level: 6

Earrings are accessories to wear and display. Lately, the Jungle Dancing Girls have turned those beautiful accessories into a collector's item! Wait till you see the

Dropped by:
Botti Palace
Jungle Dancing Girl
jade-bud.gif 8892.gif Jade Bud Card
Card level: 5

Many researchers are baffled by how the Jade Bud keep its flowers on its head. How does it do it?

Dropped by:
Roam Battlefield
Jade Bud
sun-crab.gif 8893.gif Card of Sun Crab
Card level: 6

The Sun Crabs are a mysterious group of creatures that combine the wonders of flora and fauna. Looks like there are more mysteries to this planet that have yet to

Dropped by:
Season Garden
Sun Crab
30121.gif Red Light Rune x4 Lvl 120 Red Rune
Orange%20Light%20Rune.png Orange Light Rune x4 Lvl 120 Orange Rune
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