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Flora Cardset

Flora dreams of leaving Puqi Island one day, can you help her?

Card Info
lily.gif 8890.gif Lily Card
Card level: 3

Although it is planted in the Angel Lyceum for the Freshman to practice on, nobody cares for it.[Tender is also a fault?]

Dropped by:
Angel Lyceum
flame-lily.gif 8890.gif Flame Lily Card
Card level: 3

Flame Lily is hiding in forest. It is attractive and enticing, but also dangerous!

Dropped by:
Dense Forest, Happy Angel Village
Flame Lily(Boss)
queen-angela.gif 8890.gif Queen Angela Card
Card level: 3

The flowers in the Mysterious Garden want to take over. But, most of them cannot move, so they have had to give up their evil plan.

Dropped by:
Mysterious Garden, Happy Angel Village
Queen Angela(Boss)
sexy-quli.gif 8891.gif Sexy Quli Card
Card level: 4

[How beautiful her petals are!] The one who approaches Quli thinking like that must be looking for trouble!

Dropped by:
Mysterious Wetland
Sexy Quli(Boss)
charming-flower.gif 8892.gif Charming Flower Card
Card level: 5

The Charming Flower with purple petals always wanders around the Underground Square. Don't let others know that she is lost.

Dropped by:
Underground Square, Happy Angel Village
Charming Flower(Boss)
flora.gif 8892.gif Flora Card
Card level: 5

She loves flowers and wants to leave Puqi Island to go and see all flowers of the world. However, will she still love the flower which bites?

Puqi Island (Flora)
Flora's wish
8936.gif Attack Seed Atk +75 - permanent
8937.gif Spell Attack Seed Spl Atk +75 - permanent
6861.gif Sea Rose Bouquet Fashion
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