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Coral Cardset

Are you willing to protect the fair and special creature?

coral-nurse.gif 8892.gif Coral Nurse Card
Card level: 5

We award you with this card in recognition of your determination and will for protecting the coral. May your persistence never end.

Displace coral reefs
octopus-brush.gif 8892.gif Octopus Brush Card
Card level: 5

The Octopus wishes to practise his handwriting with his own ink. However, how can it write in the sea? No wonder he is angry and scrawls on the faces of others.

Dropped by:
Colorful Coral Reefs, Dream Ocean
Ink Octopus
whelk-sword.gif 8892.gif Whelk Sword Card
Card level: 5

Wielding a rapier in florid coral sea, its colorful shell may be the best camouflage you have ever seen. Take care of yourself from it's invisible rapier!

Dropped by:
Colorful Coral Reefs, Wave Harbor
Whelk Swordsman
sharpshooter-cathie.gif 8892.gif Sharpshooter Cathie Card
Card level: 5

He is the best at shooting. The resistance of seawater doesn't affect him at all. Good luck to his targets.

Dropped by:
Colorful Coral Reefs.
Icon Name Attack Spell Attack Defense Spell Defense Rigor Agility Speed Required Level
cnscc.gif Coral Nurse's Sweet Cat Card - +50 +20 +50 +10 +18 +30% 60
cnblc.gif Coral Nurse's Blue Lizard Card +50 - +50 +10 +15 +15 +30% 60

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