Bloody Demons

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Bloody Demons

Those bloody demons are looking for prey here and there. The Eden needs your help.

Card Info
leech-mrs-dorsa.gif 8893.gif Leech Mrs. Dorsa Card
Card level: 6

Take care of yourself. Mrs. Dorsa maybe bite you hanging on the ceiling.

Dropped by:
Secret Den
Leech Mrs Dorsa
jade-bloody-flower.gif 8892.gif Jade Bloody Flower Card
Card level: 5

The evil plant dreams to drink others' blood all the day. However, it is always hungry because it can't run fast

Dropped by:
Noisy Rain Forest
Jade Bloody Flower
bloody-saint-judas.gif 8895.gif Bloody Saint Judas Card
Card level: 8

To be continued.

Dropped by:
Cloud Top Land
Bloody Saint Judas
full-moon-wolfman.gif 8894.gif Full Moon Wolfman Card
Card level: 7

The legendary wolfman only appears at the full moon. However, it always considers itself as an orc.

Half-beast Hamlet
The Horrible Full Moon Night
28844.gif Holy Soul +460 Spell Defense
12309.gif Guardian's Heart +900 Defense
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