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Beauty Beyond

Rumor of 4 drop-dead-gorgeous ladies living in this region! If only you can get their pictures.

Card Info
fair-maiden.gif 8894.gif Fair Maiden Card
Card level: 7

Gabriel has got to be the cutest lady on Floating Island! Strangely, no one seems to have a photo of her! Maybe only Victor in Sky Pumice can help you.

Season Garden (Carstensen Card required for quest)
Aki's Album 1
gerardus.gif 8895.gif Gerardus Card
Card level: 8

Despite leaving office, Gerardus still helps protect Botti Palace out of a sense of duty and pride. That is one dedicated officer!

Season Garden
Aki's Album 2
carstensen.gif 8892.gif Carstensen Card
Card level: 5

Besides taking pride in being part of the Botti Palace vanguard, Carstensen holds another (albeit unofficial) title - the hottest guard ever! The Light Airship was.

Dropped by:
Airship Station
Light Airship
envoy-alice.gif 8894.gif Envoy Alice Card
Card level: 7

If you are talking about drop-dead-gorgeus, Alice has got to be the champion! She's super smart, with a body too die for - everything a guy could want! However, if you

Dropped by:
Season Garden
Envoy Alice
30679.gif Aki's Photo Album Lvl 130 Trinket
30678.gif Aki's Photo Album 2 Lvl 130 Trinket
30677.gif Aki's Photo Album 3 Lvl 130 Trinket
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