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For an Artisan, like him, reputation means everything! Please would you assist the Gravity Technician?

Card Info
gravity-boffin.gif 8889.gif Gravity Boffin Card
Card level: 2

He eats so much every day in order to better study steel gravity, but he has become fatter and fatter. Now it takes him over two hours to put on his boffin uniform.

Palm Base
Far Away from Gravity
exiled-earl.gif 8890.gif Exiled Earl Card
Card level: 3

He lived in the Castle before, but why was he exiled into the wild? Because he drank the blood of others.

Dropped by:
Foggy Forest
Exiled Earl
circus-tyrant.gif 8891.gif Circus Tyrant Card
Card level: 4

They put on a performance in the South of Mirror Lake, but have no audience. Perhaps, it is because no one will sit still whilst they perform the flying knife trick on an audience.

Dropped by:
South Of Mirror Lake
Circus Tyrant
steel-clamp.gif 8891.gif Steel Clamp Card
Card level: 4

He hates being ignored because he is too short. A loud sound means he is nearby and is very angry.

Dropped by:
North Of Mirror Lake
Steel Clamp
crazy-rosit.gif 8892.gif Crazy Rosit Card
Card level: 5

He opens his big eyes and big mouth and talks nonsense. However, if someone says he is crazy, he is certain to run after them!

Dropped by:
Quiet Vale
Crazy Rosit
8938.gif Weight Seed Max.Weight +1200 - permanent
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