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In the house you can use your personal and league banks as well as fight bosses hatched from boss eggs. Ask Maid Eilian for blessing on enchanting equipment.

Important NPCs

Maid Eilian Housemaid
Maid Eilian Access to monster-hatch room and raise a pet rooms.

(All of the bosses are aggressive.) This page is under construction.

Sexy Sara sexy-quli.gif

Rare Healing Potion
Rare Fruit of Hercules
Wplan: War Halberd
Adv. Alchemic Cap/Good Adv. Alchemic Cap
Adv. Chain Armor
Advanced Trident/Good Advanced Trident
Stance: Basic Atk 5 (spear)

Tree Elder tree-elder.gif

Rare Target Potion
Plan 2: Code Gown
Advanced Short Tight Gloves/Good Adv. Short Tight Gloves
Advanced Round Iron Helmet/Good Adv. Round Iron Helmet
Advanced Spinning Slingshot

Fairy Claire wind-fairy-clair.gif

Rare Magic Potion
Advanced Staff

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