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Yeeha Bar

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Yeeha Car is the cowboy's favorite place to have fun every night, week and even month. There are parties and lively events here. In fact, this place is said to be the entertainer of the miners.

Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
Clarke (153,35) Quest Lv 115
Cowboy Matteson (238,88) Quest Lv 115
Mozzie (128,79) Quest Lv 145
Mirror (137,113) Quest Lv 150
Jones (175,149) Quest Lv 160
Zodo (35,101) -
Nolance (105,131) -
Winemaker Ara (219,37) -


Monster Name Level Boss Aggressive
Impulsive Singer 145 No No
Dessicated Singer 146 No No
Red Woodman 147 No No
Flametree Imp 148 No No
Droplett Doll 149 No No
Pinky Babe 150 No No
Stoneshoe Kit 151 No No
Bootcap Weasel 152 No No
Walking Beer Barrel 152 No No
Blue Barrel Cannon 153 No No
Tree King Hanvil 155 Yes No
Blue Clover Alien 157 Yes No
Crazy Cannon Maxus 160 Yes No


Resource Name Location Required Skill
Green Oak (142,123) Lumber level 141
Fierce Dorado (23,71) Fishing level 141
Wing Groove (66,57) Collect level 141
Crimson Lode (259,9) Dig level 141
Fuzz Grass (146,96) Collect level 141
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