West Playground

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West Playground

Adjacent Areas:

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Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
Cupid (139,52) Make this your revival place.
Aurora Totem (102,83) Aurora Faction revival place.
Breeze Totem (69,66) Beast Faction revival place.
Iron Totem (104,48) Steel Faction revival place.
Dark City Totem (138,65) Shadow Faction revival place.


Monster Name Level Boss Aggressive
Slarm 1 No No
Lily 1 No No
Wind Elf 4 No No
Water Elf 4 No No
Fire Elf 7 No No
Earth Elf 7 No No
Wind Lord 10 Yes No
Water Lord 10 Yes No
Fire Lord 10 Yes No
Earth Lord 10 Yes No


Resource Name Location Required Skill
Copper (20,70) Dig level 1
Poplar (120,20) Lumber level 1
Horseradish (170,60) Collect level 1
Wild Alga (65,35) Fishing level 1
Beast Den (105,107) Collect level 1
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