Sweet Orchard

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Area Name

Adjacent Areas:

Dense Foresta-br.gif, Fruity Villagea-tr.gif


First map of Sequoia

Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
Wicky (159,69) ?
Chef Charmaine (58,196) ?
Researcher Tyler (242,123) Quest


Quest Name Repeat. Requirements Reward Short Description
Quest Name Yes/No XXX Faction;
Character lvl XX
Exp+XX, Credit+XX, Gold+XX, Item


Monster Name Level Boss Aggressive
Grassland Sheep 140 No Yes
Lavender Sheep 140 No Yes
Glow Frog 142 No No
Pastel Frog 142 No No
Violet Grassball 144 No No
Warm Grassball 144 No No
Cavendish Dancer 146 No No
Dacca Dancer 146 No No
Carrot Boy 148 No No
Radish Boy 148 No No
Magical Harp 150 Yes Yes
Bluegrass King Singa 153 Yes No
General Gerald 150 Yes No


Resource Name Location Required Skill
Fierce Dorado (117,264) Fishing level 141
GreenOak (40,157) Lumber level 141
Crimson Lode (29,10) Dig level 141
WingGroove (112,64) Collect level 141
Fuzz Grass (213,65) Collect level 141
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