Sunset Valley

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Sunset Valley

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Sunset Valley is located in the very deep valley which is the stopover of workers wishing to go to Steam Town. Sunset Valley contains many dining outlets, cinemas and so on. This place was very crowded before since workers can rest and enjoy here.

Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
Cupid (143,92) Make this your revival place.
Runego (145,59) Quest Lv 165
Nilo (165,81) Quest Lv 170
Runeson (46,163) -
Runet (255,126) -
Runek (196,31) -
Iradox (225,40) -
Yahk (239,40) -
Mayat (112,50) -
Wild Game Chef (88,30) -
Zasha (48,59) -
Aurora Totem (119,102) Aurora Faction revival place.
Breeze Totem (126,101) Beast Faction revival place.
Iron Totem (131,98) Steel Faction revival place.
Shadow Totem (138,95) Shadow Faction revival place.


Monster Name Level Boss Aggressive
Firefly Imp 165 No No
Mageflame Elder 166 No No
Beanie Sprout 167 No No
Graystone Sprout 168 No No
Brown Shoe Detective 169 No No
Purple Shoe Detective 170 No No
Lakeside Doll 171 No No
Woodsorrel Skater 172 No No
Eagle Eye Shooter 173 No No
Violet Shooter 174 No No
Mouthy Natkle 175 Yes No
Commander Greenstar 177 Yes No
Indiana Bette 180 Yes No


Resource Name Location Required Skill
Papyrus (81,21) Collect level 161
Thistle Sage (140,168) Collect level 161
Meteor Mine (284,62) Dig level 161
Tamanka Maculata (273,164) Fishing level 161
Maple (150,137) Lumber level 161
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