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Steam Town

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Steam Town is a very characterized western city, with wooden houses, as well as desert water towers where the occupants are commonly referred to as the Cowboy. The town is passed by the rails leading to Goldhill.

Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
Cupid (155,106) Make this your revival place.
Davon (235,57) Space Cowboy's Instance Quest NPC (Starship Destroyer)
Elder Dasent (154,87) Space Cowboy's Instance Quest NPC (Starship Destroyer)
Nashian (100,160) Quest Lv 130
Harriot (220,122) Quest Lv 135
Dorasha (157,122) Space Cowboy's 2nd Main Quest (Mining Enthusiast)
Carios (114,22) Space Cowboy's Main Quest NPC (Valley of Danger)
Mayor (121,86) Space Cowboy's 3rd Main Quest NPC (Super Space Cowboy)
Aurora Totem (176,145) Aurora Faction revival place.
Breeze Totem (180,144) Beast Faction revival place.
Iron Totem (185,141) Steel Faction revival place.
Shadow Totem (190,139) Shadow Faction revival place.


NPC Name Location Description of goods
Steam Master (168,105) Recipe Seller
Steam Engineer (161,109) Recipe Seller
Steam Worker (149,109) Equipment Repair NPC
Steam Bank Employee (143,111) Banker
Steam Magic Researcher (155,113) Magic Spell Seller
Steam Combat Specialist (151,116) Warrior Stance Seller


Monster Name Level Boss? Aggressive?
Muddy Alligator 131 No No
Tomato Gator 131 No No
Bluevine Gnome 133 No No
Gigaball Vine 133 No No
Notti Cactus 135 No No
Chainsaw Stalker 136 No No
Incy Weasel 137 No No
Purple Shoe Investigator 137 No No
Blue Robodog 139 No No
Mini Robodog 139 No No
Phantasm Jadore 140 Yes No
Brown Shoe Spy 143 Yes No
Steelclaw Saigoz 145 Yes No


Resource Name Location Required Skill
Energy Ore (28,89) Dig level 131
Heronsbill (32,46) Collect level 131
Hard Oak (224,11) Lumber level 131
Swift Groove (288,85) Collect level 131
Tasty Eel (227,159) Fishing level 131
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