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Spike Farm

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Spike Farm is owned by the Spike Farmer but ruled by the level 6 to 12 creatures that cause this Farmer grief. The country air is good for the soul and the warm, hardworking farmer folk here are a friendly bunch. Take your time as you stroll through the fields and watch the crops grow…if you can stop the mice from eating them long enough!

Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
Farm Cook (108,119) Gives quests: Delicious Pumpkin Pie, Maintain Cleanness of Surroundings and Roasted Sashimi.
Spike Farmer (87,119) Gives quest series: Annihilating Mice, Magic Trick, The Jackstraw's Protest and Sending Parcels.
Farm Mistress (52,53) Part of the Sending Parcels quest and gives quest: Wanting a Pet.
Badge Collector (231,172) Exchange 2 Copper Monster Badges.
Aurora Totem (252,142) Aurora Faction revival place.


Quest Name Repeat. Requirements Reward Short Description
Delicious Pumpkin Pie Yes Aurora Faction;
Character Lvl 6-20
Exp+260, Credit+10 Defeat Pumpkins and collect 10 pumpkins
Maintain Cleanness of Surroundings Yes Aurora Faction;
Character Lvl 6-20
Exp+320, Credit+10 Defeat 20 Field Mice
Roasted Sashimi Yes Aurora Faction;
Character Lvl 6-20
Exp+320, Credit+15 Defeat Jackstaws and collect 10 straws
Wanting a Pet Yes none Card Buy 10 Pet Cookies from Pet expert
Annihilating Mice
1 of 4
No Aurora Faction;
Character Lvl 6+
Exp+800, Credit+30, Gold+150 Defeat Field Mice and collect 10 of their tails
Magic Trick
2 of 4
No Aurora Faction;
Finished quest
Annihilating Mice
Exp+850, Credit+30, Item Defeat 20 Pumpkins
The Jackstraw's Protest
3 of 4
No Aurora Faction;
Finished quest
Magic Trick
Exp+860, Credit+160, Item Defeat 20 Jackstraws
Sending Parcels
4 of 4
No Aurora Faction;
Finished quest
The Jackstraw's Protest
Exp+200, Credit+30 Give parcels to the Manor Keeper at Sunflower Plain


Monster Name Level Boss Aggressive
Eggshell Chick 6 No No
Field Mouse 9 No No
Pumpkin 12 No No
Jackstraw 12 No No
Pumpkin Banni 17 Yes Yes
Jackstraw Mige 17 Yes Yes


Resource Name Location Required Skill
Copper (152,172) Dig level 1
Poplar (280,150) Lumber level 1
Horseradish (12,80) Collect level 1
Wild Alga (95,168) Fishing level 1
Beast Den (290,117) Collect level 1
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