Snowball Village

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Snowball Village

Adjacent Areas:

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Snowball Village is a rural countryside where friendly people gather around. Polar houses are the main choice of the inhabitants here. The village is unique and cool as you meet the locals around.


NPC Name Location Description of goods
Snowball Worker (118,119) Repair.
Snowball Bank Em (103,125) Bank
Snowball Master (138,129) Technics, Cook, Sew lvl 171-175 Plans
Snowball Engine (148,125) Weapon, Armor lvl 171-175 Plans
Snowball Magic R (152,135) Life, Wraith, Chaos, Earth lvl 171-201 Spells
Snowball Combat (151,139) Axe, Sword, Spear, Longbow, Shadowblade lvl 172-204 Stances

Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
Aury (259,25) Villager.
Shiny Kururu (222,92) Snowland's Instance Quest NPC (Icy Massacre)
Traveller Abzu (153,67) Snowland's Instance Quest NPC (Icy Massacre)
Ice Carver Cinde (158,54) Why it is important.
Sonry (22,116) Villager
Sona (70,165) Villager
Medley (124,138) Snowland's 3rd Main Quest NPC (For Love and Justice)
Riki (199,144) Villager
Frost Princess Ashlyn (,) Snowland's Instance Quest NPC (Icy Massacre)
Cupid (152,101) Why it is important.


Quest Name Repeat. Requirements Reward Short Description
Quest Name Yes/No XXX Faction;
Character lvl XX
Exp+XX, Credit+XX, Gold+XX, Item


Monster Name Level Boss Aggressive
Dancing Devil ? No No
Toy Rifleman ? No No
Cutlass Doll ? No No
Apple Sundae ? No No
Minty Sundae ? No No
Evil Faery ? No No
Ferret Boss ? No No
Polar Ferret ? No No
Trooper Mouse ? No No
Assault Mouse ? No No
Toy Soldier Prince Jerry ? Yes No
Ice Princess Rilina ? Yes No
Ice Ferret Sage ? Yes No


Resource Name Location Required Skill
Beast Bush (256,127) Collect level 121
Paradise Flowers (145,104) Collect level 121
Cute Fish (173,24) Fishing level 121
Packing Tree (15,146) Lumber level 121
Bright Crystal (35,70) Dig level 121
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