Shining Coast

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Shining Coast

Adjacent Areas:

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Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
Young Farmer (222,241) Gives quest: Pupu Turtle and Pup Crab
Mouther (108,164) Gives quest: Boaster
Lad Stany (39,213) Gives quest: Meeting Robbers
Dock Oldman (17,214) Gives quest: Find out Pollution Source
Sheel Girl (167,14) Gives quest: Girl's Wish
Voyage Officer (132,33)


Quest Name Repeat. Requirements Reward Short Description
Boaster Yes Character Lvl 55-60 Exp+1550, Credit+60 Defeat 30 Color Crabs, and 30 Crab Generals
Pupu Turtle and Pup Crab Yes Character Lvl 60-65 Exp+1650, Credit+60 Defeat 30 Puqi Isle Crabs and 30 Evil Puqi Turtles
Girl's Wish Yes Character Lvl 50+ Card Talk to Shoreman at Golden Beach
Find out Pollution Source No Character Lvl 55+ ? Defeat 20 Color Crabs, and 20 Color Whelks | Get Coast Protector's Heart
Meeting Robbers
3 of ?
No Character Lvl 60+;
Finished Quest
The Misbehaved Son
? Defeat Puqi Pirates, and Puqi Pirate Leaders and collect Love Necklaces


Monster Name Level Boss Aggressive
Color Crab 54 No Yes
Color Whelk 55 No Yes
Puqi Isle Crab 59 No Yes
Evil Puqi Turtle 61 No Yes
Puqi Pirate 62 No Yes
Puqi Pirate Leader 63 No Yes
Crab General 66 No Yes
Coast Protector 70 Yes Yes


Resource Name Location Required Skill
Bauxite (?,?) Dig level 51
Devil Den (?,?) Collect level 51
Angel Bush (?,?) Collect level 51
Violet (?,?) Lumber level 51
Fire Alga (?,?) Fishing level 51
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