Rock Forest

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Rock Forest

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An unusual area is seen as you exit the cave. It seemed to look like a forest during the Jurassic-era. Resources abound and untouched in the area. Suprising foes may intimidate you as you explore the area. Researchers gather around to collect samples and investigate this unusual world.

Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
Hunter Haddock (?,?) Why it is important.
Chubby the Hunter (?,?) Gives quest Hunter's Kindness.
Researcher Krayd (?,?) Why it is important.
Morbrew (?,?) Why it is important.


Quest Name Repeat. Requirements Reward Short Description
Hunter's Kindness No Character level 80+ Exp +13000000
Credit +2000
Gold +750000


Monster Name Level Boss Aggressive
Wing Defender ? No No
Wing Magic Tutor ? No No
Arrogant Beastman ? No No
Ferocious Beast ? No No
Soaring Dragon ? No No
Shadow Shrimo ? No No
Remote Crustacea ? No No
Sharp-eye Wing Dragon ? No No
Original Barbari ? No No
Original Spearman ? No No
Master Archer Vi ? Yes No
Axe Beast Denk ? Yes No
Gururu the Wild ? Yes No


Resource Name Location Required Skill
Catfish Fish (?,?) Fishing level 101
Wing Den (?,?) Collect level 101
Cypresses (?,?) Lumber level 101
Chili Bush (?,?) Collect level 101
Graphite (?,?) Dig level 101
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