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Quiet Vale

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Serene tranquility is what Quiet Vale is known for. At least it was until the level 35 to 45 monsters invaded it and now disrupt its peace. Be careful exploring the paths, they are lined with an aggressive Nazarite mine field.

Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
Militia Pioneer (258,25) Gives quests Investigate Evil Force and Evil Force Invasion.
Trainee Oree (42,118) Gives quests Drive Away Wild Lizardmen and Evil Nazarite From Dark City.
Terra Keeper (46,83) Can transport you to your league's terra, or city


Quest Name Repeat. Requirements Reward Short Description
Investigate Evil Force Yes Character lvl 30-45 Exp+950, Credit+40 Defeat Evil Bishops and collect 5 evil diamonds from their hats.
Evil Force Invasion Yes Character lvl 30-45 Exp+950, Credit+40 Defeat 40 Evil Bishops.
Evil Nazarite From Dark City Yes Character lvl 30-45 Exp+810, Credit+38 Defeat 40 Evil Nazarites.
Drive Away Wild Lizardmen Yes Character lvl 30-45 Exp+900, Credit+39 Defeat 40 Wild Lizardmen.


Monster Name Level Boss Aggressive
Evil Nazarite 35 No Yes
Wild Lizardman 38 No Yes
Evil Bishop 40 No Yes
Crazy Rosit 40 Yes Yes
Iron Scale Allen 43 Yes Yes
Skeletal Bishop 45 Yes Yes


Resource Name Location Required Skill
Crystal (276,153) Dig level 41
Beastkin Den (38,100) Collect level 41
Leafy Bush (159,165) Collect level 41
Melaleuca (163,46) Lumber level 41
Bright Alga (98,76) Fishing level 41
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