Puqi Village

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Puqi Village

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It is one of the most comfortable places for vacation. Houses and bowers are built by palm leaves and grass. A Cafe was built near the beach where players can enjoy parties. It is a quiet place without monsters. Players can enjoy games or enjoy the sunshine there.

Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
Flora (178,130) Gives quest: Flora's Wish (repeatable)
Inn Keeper (207,42) Gives quest: Feast on Crabs (repeatable)
Trainer Ceres (229,104) Gives quest: Depression of Skin Dive
Mr.Howsufa (93,139) Gives quest: Explore Blue Slat Crystal (for producers)
Quiyam (15,16) Gives quest: The Melody of Pirates' demise
Diver Cobra (166,42) Gives quest: Soft Shimmer in Deep Sea
Teny (212,35) Gives quest: Wandering Artist (for producers)
Surfer Veifu (63,28)
Hikaru (92,57)
Childe Kere (132,40) Gives quest: Invaluable Rubbish , Lost Friends , Hope after Bad News
Artisan Anderlu (108,22)


Quest Name Repeat. Requirements Reward Short Description
Wandering Artist Yes Gathering and facturing skills Card Collect materials for Teny's handicrafts
Flora's Wish Yes - Card Collect flower seeds from various monsters
Feast on Crabs Yes Character Lvl 50-55 Exp+1450, Credit+54 Defeat Puqi Crabs or Color Crabs at Golden Beach and Collect 50 Tasty Crabs
Depression of Skin Dive No Character Lvl 60+ Exp+60000, Credit+500, Gold+35000 Defeat: 35 Crab Generals, 35 Ink Octopuses and 35 Ball Jellyfish at Colorful Coral Reefs
Explore Blue Slat Crystal ? Character Lvl 70+;
Gathering skills
? Collect Blue Slat Crystals at Wave Harbor
The Melody of Pirates' demise ? Character Lvl 90+ ? Defeat 15 Death Captains at Evil Ship
Soft Shimmer in Deep Sea ? Character Lvl 90+ ? Defeat Sea Lantern Fish at Quiet Ocean and collect 10 Lanterns
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