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Palm Base

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Located in the middle and southern part of Puqi Island, it is a new base built by Iron Castle. It is divided into 5 parts, including four special parts for the four factions around the base and a part for commerce and sightseeing in the middle. Many Angels come from great distances to gather here and prepare for their underwater exploration.

Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
Villiersas (???,???) Gives quest: Nature Calling For Help
General Campbell (185,99) Gives quest: Aborigines' Threat
Ocean Scholar (287,135) Gives quest: Purify
Disciple Andsen (151,151) Gives quest: Andsen's Test and material quests for cards
Gravity Boffin (178,122) Gives quest: Far Away from Gravity
Merchant Kulepas (190,33) Gives quest: Octopus, the Robber
Scholar Oxford (86,15) Gives quest: The Ancient Yatiss Culture
Cupid (157,76) Make this your revival place.


Quest Name Repeat. Requirements Reward Short Description
Purify Yes ??? ? Collect 200 Pollutions from underwater resources
Far Away from Gravity Yes ??? Card Talk to Fatz at Flaming Door
Andsen's Test Yes none Card Collect All materials lvl 61
Sharp Material Yes Finished quest:
Andsen's Test
Card Get a Horn from ?Death Soul? and Teeth from Horn Dragon
Heavy Material Yes Finished quest:
Andsen's Test
Card Get a Ball from Sealed Elf Lord and 10 Mystic Ores from Terra Miners
Stiff Material Yes Finished quest:
Andsen's Test
Card Get 10 Cores from Rock Slarms and a Skin from Overlord Legte
Curving Material Yes Finished quest:
Andsen's Test
Card Get a Spine from Horn Dragon and 20 bandages from Fire Mummy's
Transparent Material Yes Finished quest:
Andsen's Test
Card Get a Staff Crystal from Riddle Bishop and 20 wings from Heat Elves
Aborigines Threat No ??? Exp+45000, Credit+350, Gold+30000 Defeat 40 Puqi Locals, 35 Puqi Warriors and Pontiff Hululu (Boss)
Octopus, the Robber No Character Lvl 90+ ? Defeat Blade Octopuses and collect 15 Robbed Goods at Evil Ship
The Ancient Yatiss Culture No Character Lvl 90+ ? Defeat Hicalu 1 (Boss) at Lost Region
Blockade under the Sea No ? ? Defeat 35 Jelly fish at Wave Harbor
Nature Calling For Help No ? ?
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