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Mundo Warship

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[Instance : Space Cowboy]
The very heart of the unknown ship that infested Space Cowboy with aliens. Sophisticated technology is all around the corner. Alien masterminds and commanders rest in this abode. Get ready for an "inter-galactic" pursuit of the mysterious ruler of the ship.

Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
Patron Leader (277,11) - Entrance Mundo Warship Angel Guide
Adventurer Vanso (292,14) Space Cowboy Instance Quest NPC - In The Nick of Time (Starship Destroyer)


Monster Name Level Boss Aggressive
Starcore Ashe 200 No Yes
Carnivorous Flora 200 No Yes
Meerkat Gunner 202 No Yes
Milky Way Cop 202 No Yes
Spaceout Cactus 205 No Yes
Starbarrel Mech 205 No Yes
Starry Eagle Lieutenant 208 No Yes
Outerspace Tourist 208 No Yes
Carnivorous Flora Type A 208 No Yes
Titanium Brain 210 No Yes
Saturn Visitor 212 No Yes
Mars Visitor 212 No Yes
Starway Cruiser 215 No Yes
Elite - Starcore Ashe 209 No Yes
Elite - Meerkat Gunner 209 No Yes
Elite - Spaceout Cactus 209 No Yes
Elite - Starbarrel Mech 209 No Yes
Elite - Carnivorous Flora Type A 209 No Yes
Jazone Knight 220 Yes Yes
Mech Brain Galin 220 Yes Yes
ET Queen Aylena 220 Yes Yes
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