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Megalith Plain

Adjacent Areas:

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Megalith Plain, come study the ruins and help chase away the Plain Titans and Green Wolves that are causing grief for the locals. The creatures here range from level 30 to 40. There is also someone who needs your assistance in solving a malicious mystery, the Angel Inspector.

Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
Angel Inspector (52, 157) Gives quest Investigate Evil Food.
Patrolman Wulfer (44, 25) Gives quests Plain Assault and Titan‘s Toy.
Archeologist (267, 166) Gives quests Arduous Archeology Study and Shrewd Wolf Claw.
Exploring Member (225, 176) Transports to Nightmare Cave.
Badge Master (127, 67) Exchanges 3 silver badges for a gift box.
Terra Keeper (153, 101) Can transport you to your league's terra, or city.


Quest Name Repeat. Requirements Reward Short Description
Arduous Archeology Study Yes Any Faction;
Character lvl 27-40
Exp+700, Credit+37 Defeat 40 Green Wolves.
Shrewd Wolf Claw Yes Any Faction;
Character lvl 27-40
Exp+700, Credit+37 Collect 5 Green Wolf Claw by defeating Green Wolves.
Plain Assault Yes Any Faction;
Character lvl 27-40
Exp+810, Credit+38 Defeat 40 Plain Titans.
Titan‘s Toy Yes Any Faction;
Character lvl 27-40
Exp+810, Credit+38 Collect 5 Pieces of Rock by defeating Plain Titans.
Investigate Evil Food No Any Faction;
Completed New Scheme of Evil Lyceum
Exp+??, Credit+?? Description.


Monster Name Level Boss Aggressive
Green Wolf 30 No Yes
Tusk Boar 33 No No
Plain Titan 35 No Yes
Green Wolf Tusk 35 Yes Yes
Mount Saby 38 Yes Yes
Giant Chief 40 Yes Yes


Resource Name Location Required Skill
Obsidian (73, 158) Dig level 31.
Bright Bush (24, 132) Collect level 31.
Bandit Den (282, 143) Collect level 31.
Viburnum (162, 54) Lumber level 31.
Meteor Alga (33, 33) Fishing level 31.
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