Magic Kitchen Path

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Magic Kitchen Path

Adjacent Areas:

Lava Cave


This is a completely differently area, first don't show a map, second have puzzles to can go away.
In order to go inside you will need to be in a team. If you leave the team, then you will be sent to your revival point. You will need a robot to collect 20 Flint to turn on the candle.


Monster Name Level Boss? Aggressive?
Poo Poo Demon1 56 No Yes
Hungry Fly 53 No Yes
Mud Lord(Summon) 50 No Yes
Guard Fasit(Summon) 60 Yes Yes
Hell Slave2 53 No Yes
Evil Fly 53 No Yes
Rotten Seeker 55 No Yes
Guard Fire Barft(Summon) 62 Yes Yes
Poo Poo Demon2 56 No Yes
Fossa Rat 58 No Yes
Tail Rotten Rat 60 No Yes
Rat Mosi (Boss) 70 Yes Yes
Doped Up Elf 58 No Yes
Soul-eating Worm(Summon) 55 No Yes
Soul-eating Demon(Summon) 65 No Yes
Soul-eater Slalin(Boss) 65 Yes Yes
Flame Fly 60 No Yes
Hot Wildfire 60 No Yes
Air Hole 62 No Yes
Rock Slarm 2 63 No Yes
Rock God Mendun(Summon) 75 Yes Yes
Hungry Eater 62 No Yes
Charming Flower 2 63 No Yes
Terra Miner 2 60 No Yes
Azrael Hook 63 No Yes
Fetor Slarm 65 No Yes
Blood Pillar 65 No Yes
Iron Guard 65 No Yes
Blaze Fly 68 No Yes
Evil Cook (Boss) 82 Yes Yes
Evil Cook2 (Boss) 82 Yes Yes
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