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Lost Region

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The Atlantian relics have been divided into two parts by the huge oceanic trench. The smaller one is called the Lost Region. The Merman race captured the materials here and attack everyone from other races.

1. Atlantis’ Armory: There are remains of ancient robots down there. It seems that it was the Atlantis Armory or an important place that needed to be guarded. Although the Giant Soldiers have been destroyed, they still gaze at players so vividly now. It seems that they will move at any time. Be careful, the Merman race has occupied Armory.

2. Parade Platform: A huge Giant Soldier Statue stands upright on the Parade Platform. The statue hasn’t been badly damaged either. There is no moss on its joints. It seems that it has been activated recently. Many Linberd Senders guard here.

3. Lab Site: The Atlantis Lab Site has been covered by sand and dust because it was sunk beneath the water many years ago. Players can only find several Console Crystals from the broad site.

Giant Soldier: It is a huge robot guard made by the ancient Atlantians. With the help of the Undying Energy, it can move at any time, even though it has been inactive for thousand of years. The Giant Soldiers are very outstanding because of their powerful output damage and perfect defense ability. Only Atlantian people know how to control them.


Monster Name Level Boss Aggressive
Linberd Sender 77 No Yes
Angel Fishguard 82 No Yes
Merman Guard 84 No Yes
Mermaid 87 No Yes
Fishguard Leader 87 No Yes
Mermaid Hunter 93 No Yes
Slip Angel Fish 93 No Yes
Hicalu Machine 95 Yes Yes
Hicalu 1 100 Yes Yes
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