Lost Cove

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Lost Cove

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An intriguing and mysterious entrance to an exotic paradise. As you enter the misleading dark cave, unusual monsters and faces greet you. As you explore more the cave, you may come up to a realization that the cave could be a "Time Machine". But the bottomline is, the cave is shrouded in mystery but pumps up your adrenaline as you face a rather new experience.

Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
Hans the Prospector - Gives quest: Mud Temptation
Hugh the Warrior - Gives quest: Real Warrior? Fake Warrior!
Lochman -
Phobe -
Kadern -
Syccir -
Witch Bonnet -


Quest Name Repeat. Requirements Reward Short Description
Mud Temptation No Character Lvl 70+ Exp+13,000,000 Credit+2,000 Gold+750,000 1. Search 1 Earth Sample, 2. Get 50 Mixed activators
Real Warrior? Fake Warrior! No Character Lvl 70+ Exp+13,000,000 Credit+2,000 Gold+750,000 1. Get back 1 Unattractive Knife, 2. Get back 1 Ragged Shield


Monster Name Level Boss Aggressive
Flying Demon Eye 80 No No
Evil Big-eye Boy 80 No No
Faint Chan 82 No No
Crying Dead Soul 82 No No
Black Dragon 84 No No
Jumpy Lizard Dragon 84 No No
Drought Toad 86 No No
Gold Toxic-wart 86 No No
Crystal Shrimp 88 No No
Ancient Crustace 88 No No
Crystal Spirit A 90 Yes No
Hell Envoy Mora 93 Yes No
Mystic Shrimp Hu 95 Yes No


Resource Name Location Required Skill
Deep Sea Fish (?,?) Fishing level 91
Thunder Den (?,?) Collect level 91
Cypress (?,?) Lumber level 91
Mambo Bush (?,?) Collect level 91
Violetnut (?,?) Dig level 91
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