Hunter's Ridge

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Hunter's Ridge

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Outside the borders of Hoca Village is the notorious Hunter's Ridge. Expert hunters can be found here. Hunter's Ridge is known to be the battlefield of the residents of the Hoca Village and the Reptilian Army. As you traverse the area, many obstacles may be found but at the same time, good portions of resources can be found like slabs of delicious meat and effective herb spices. Traveling here is a risky choice…

Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
Kong (249,21) Gives Quest Tale of Dragon and Tiger
Janice (22,50) Why it is important.
Hunter Zern (126,46) Why it is important.


Quest Name Repeat. Requirements Reward Short Description
Tale of Dragon and Tiger No Level 105+ Exp +60,000,000
Credit +15,000
Gold +2,000,000
Kill mobs inside Dinosaur Arena


Monster Name Level Boss Aggressive
Clever Dragon ? No No
Sword Dragon Rider ? No No
Hoca Spearman ? No No
Hoca Barbarian ? No No
Amphibian Thorny ? No No
Rock Dragon Turtle ? No No
Crystal-Clear Thorn ? No No
Earth Dragon ? No No
Horned Dragon ? No No
Armored Horned Dragon ? No No
Armored Caine ? Yes No
Barkley The Thorn ? Yes No


Resource Name Location Required Skill
Crimson Lode (270,50) Dig level 141
Green Oak (91,16) Lumber level 141
Fuzz Grass (252,162) Collect level 141
Fierce Dorado (30,138) Fishing level 141
Wing Groove (109,159) Collect level 141
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