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Goldhill is Cowboy's main gold mining area. Goldhill was once very crowded and was bustling on its former glory. Many miners lived here, but since the arrival of the aliens, the mine is already controlled by them and the majority of the people fled.

Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
Cavano (83,166) Quest Lv 115
Potterson (46,125) Quest Lv 115
Nelbo (143,53) Quest Lv 120
Reio (193,47) Quest Lv 120
Camille (263,81) -
Weldon (223,155) -


Monster Name Level Boss? Aggressive?
Flamebeast Warrior 115 No No
Rusthammer Warrior 115 No No
Bloodbone Dragon 117 No No
Periviolet Dragon 117 No No
Orange Leafy Sphere 119 No No
Petal Sphere 119 No No
Brown Treeman 121 No No
Ghostflame Imp 122 No No
Chainsaw Cactus 124 No No
Dazed Cactus 124 No No
Chief Roloma 125 Yes No
Withervine Odifa 127 Yes No
Bandit Pingle 130 Yes No


Resource Name Location Required Skill
Paradise Flowers (45,43) Collect level 121
Bright Crystal (61,106) Dig level 121
Beast Bush (254,148) Collect level 121
Packing Tree (255,96) Lumber level 121
Cute Fish (106,117) Fishing level 121
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