Forbidden Sector

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Forbidden Sector

Adjacent Areas:

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Forbidden Sector is an unknown foreign ship found by the local residents. The ship is controlled and nested by aliens. Eerie sounds can be heard by the distant.

Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
Daniel (23,136) Space Cowboy Instance Quest NPC - Bloodbath (Starship Destroyer)
Imuelia (117,20) Quest Lv 190
Terry (24,39) Quest Lv 195
Dixley (173,77) Cowboy Main Quest NPC
Shala (121,109) Cowboy Main Quest NPC
Ramoya (101,51) Cowboy 3rd Main Quest NPC
Jaral (82,41) -
Dekosta (42,37) Cowboy 3rd Main Quest NPC - Beginner Robot Luck (Super Space Cowboy)
Paulika (39,88)
Shada (45,92) Cowboy Main Quest NPC


Monster Name Level Boss Aggressive
Tizzy Skeletrooper 190 No No
Dual Axeman 191 No No
Mouthy Illusia 192 No No
Vampy Flower 192 No No
Falconia Thief 193 No No
One-eyed Bandit 194 No No
Fiery Dual-Wielder 195 No No
Ruby Shooter 196 No No
One-eyed Tracker 198 No No
Stealth Searcher 200 No No
Elite - Dual Axeman 199 No No
Elite - Vampy Flower 199 No No
Elite - One-eyed Bandit 199 No No
Elite - Ruby Shooter 199 No No
Elite - Stealth Searcher 199 No No
Combateer Paroti 200 Yes No
Royal Dalwa 203 Yes No
Commander Taiter 205 Yes No


Resource Name Location Required Skill
Parabeast (64,168) Collect level 181
Amakusa (38,53) Collect level 181
Coarse Grit (212,167) Dig level 181
Rainfish (261,125) Fishing level 181
Monkswood (84,92) Lumber level 181
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