Feather Leaf Forest

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Feather Leaf Forest

Adjacent Areas:

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Feather Leaf Forest is the destination of the mirror portal. It is a dense forest covered with beautiful white snow. A slightly frozen water surface adds a cool atmosphere to this map.

Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
Klundo (77,42) Snowland's 3rd Main Quest
Firedance (77,42) Priestess of Fire
Jandy (121,104) Local Resident
Pamela (142,219) Local Resident


Quest Name Repeat. Requirements Reward Short Description
Quest Name Yes/No XXX Faction;
Character lvl XX
Exp+XX, Credit+XX, Gold+XX, Item


Monster Name Level Boss Aggressive
Harp Lamb ? No No
Snowland Sheep ? No No
Woodland Wolf ? No No
Steel Shell Soldier ? No No
Frost Fawn ? No No
Mystic Fawn ? No No
Rainbow Conch ? No No
Border Wolf ? No No
Green Basket Grass ? No No
Dry Basket Grass ? No No
Conch Mage Fran ? Yes No
Grassy Prue ? Yes No
Rutilam ? Yes No


Resource Name Location Required Skill
Pirana Fish (185,83) Fishing level 111
Fly Bush (155,66) Collect level 111
Hoof Den (41,135) Collect level 111
Chromite (205,174) Dig level 111
Lord Coco (86,239) Lumber level 111
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