Fantastic Sand City

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Fantastic Sand City

Adjacent Areas:

Ancient Fronta-tl.gif, Nightmare Palacea-tr.gif, Troop Outposta-bl.gif


It is a mysterious sand city. Nobody knows who built it. However, the beautiful colors on the walls still describe the glory and wealth from the past. At present, the centaurs occupy the city, ready to attack all strangers.


NPC Name Location Description of goods
Shop Name (?,?) Description of Goods.

Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
NPC Name (?,?) Why it is important.


Quest Name Repeat. Requirements Reward Short Description
Quest Name Yes/No XXX Faction;
Character lvl XX
Exp+XX, Credit+XX, Gold+XX, Item


Monster Name Level Boss Aggressive
Blago Miner 105 No Yes
Blago Warrior 106 No Yes
Gelu Warrior 107 No Yes
Bottle Soldier 108 No Yes
Evil Dancing Girl 110 No Yes
Outpost Guardian 112 No Yes
Fierce Archer 114 No Yes
Bottle Liam 110 Yes Yes
Spearman Kente 115 Yes Yes


Resource Name Location Required Skill
Graphite (199,3) Dig level 101
Catfish Fish (105,48) Fishing level 101
Chili Bush (90,39) Collect level 101
Cypresses (140,162) Lumber level 101
Wing Den (225,88) Collect level 101
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