Enchanted Sanctum

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Enchanted Sanctum

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Instance Area


Monster Name Level Boss Aggressive
Peapeachie 316 No Yes
Chickdandy 316 No Yes
Aerial Assassin 318 No Yes
Judo Bun 318 No Yes
Gypsophila 320 No Yes
Brass Colossus 320 No Yes
Nighthoot 320 No Yes
Amethycorn 323 No Yes
Tippler Tom 323 No Yes
Matrix Defender 323 No Yes
Elite - Peapeachie 325 No Yes
Elite - Judo Bun 325 No Yes
Elite - Gypsophila 325 No Yes
Elite - Tippler Tom 325 No Yes
Elite - Amethycorn 325 No Yes
Manahoot Girgil 326 Yes Yes
Ruby Firacorn 328 Yes Yes
Emerald Colossus 329 Yes Yes
Abyssal Drakos 330 Yes Yes
Arcane Kayote 330 Yes Yes
Devilish Datura 330 Yes Yes
Crazed Zealot 300 No Yes
Selfless Zealot 300 No Yes
Bestial Minion 300 No Yes
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