Desolate Ruins

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Desolate Ruins

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Desolate Ruins is a waste disposal area for households, factories, and mining. This place was always been polluted by many human activities, making it a very horrible and horrid place. It is so polluted that the flora and fauna itself turned into a half-alien creature.

Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
ETT (95,85) Quest Lv 175
Moresha (203,119) Quest Lv 180
Perry (35,130) Quest Lv 185
Yasha (32,33) Quest Lv 190
Heindal (128,125) -
Hooke (88,84) -
Kreldo (73,57) -


Monster Name Level Boss Aggressive
Assault Barrel 180 No No
Colorwhirl Cannon 180 No No
Unholy Knight 182 No No
Spiritfire Knight 182 No No
Viridian Hound 184 No No
Armaphage Dog 185 No No
Pink Turbo Cannon 186 No No
Blue Range Cannon 187 No No
Deep Sea Octoman 188 No No
Redclaw Alien 189 No No
Basit Turret 190 Yes No
Twilight Guardian Kaz 193 Yes No
Brilliant Nawalya 195 Yes No


Resource Name Location Required Skill
Devilkin Shrub (281,110) Collect level 171
Heptad Grass (243,27) Collect level 171
Sluice Mine (22,119) Dig level 171
Jadite Pine (226,162) Lumber level 171
Tarragon Fish (97,46) Fishing level 171
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