Agysical Tunnel

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Agysical Tunnel

Adjacent Areas:

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Once upon a time, this place was very green, rich and fertile. But after being made as a processing area for gold mining products, this place becomes full of heavy equipment that is useful for breaking the mine.

Important NPCs

NPC Name Location Description
Foreman Rice (67,81) Cowboy 2nd Main Quest NPC - Secret Mine (Mining Enthusiast)
Luki (132,121) Quest Lv 155
Avan (177,143) Quest Lv 160
Jess (38,46) Cowboy 2nd Main Quest NPC
Jeb (253,161) Cowboy 2nd Main Quest NPC


Monster Name Level Boss Aggressive
Onion Dweller 155 No No
Periwinkle Ballman 156 No No
Crimson Rune Dog 157 No No
Fanged Pink Hound 159 No No
Citrus Cannoneer 159 No No
Grassy Cannoneer 160 No No
Beany Vine Imp 161 No No
Raging Bignonia 162 No No
Bony Soldier 163 No No
Restless Skeletrooper 163 No No
Violet Witch Megan 165 Yes No
Turbo Cannoneer Tina 167 Yes No
Silvery Valora 170 Yes No


Resource Name Location Required Skill
Soft Carpet Grass (203,147) Collect level 151
Beast Shrub (35,37) Collect level 151
Flat-bellied Fish (95,152) Fishing level 151
Olivine Mine (265,95) Dig level 151
Solitude Tree (105,22) Lumber level 151
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