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Thought I'd do an update.

Heaven is almost done. Just need to finish filling out the shops.
After that, I think I'll just continue on down the Areas list until I've gotten everything.

At this rate though, it'll be a long time before I'm done though. Perhaps I should just focus on filling out the Bestiary and see if others join in to fill in the blanks behind me? Oh well. I'd rather leave areas as complete as I can as I go through. Theres less work for me that way, in the long run. Just remember guys, the longer it takes me to fill out the newbie areas, the longer everyone will have to wait to find out where to get those new rides and such that came out in the Eden expansion. =)

So if you want to know, get in there and get typing. Don't worry about the graphics, I can fill those in.


Just a couple quick pieces of news.

The forums are now live! Let us know what you think.

The site layout has been redesigned courtesy of Sylwira. Everyone be sure to thank her for the wonderful job she's doing!

The site is still under heavy construction, but I've started to flesh out the areas and monsters a bit more. My plan right now is to get the areas done, then the monsters, then the items on each of the monsters. If you feel like filling in some missing spots feel free to jump in wherever you want.



Got a big announcement.

In an effort to get some help, today I removed the need for membership to the site to create new pages, or edit existing ones. Hopefully this will speed up the growth of the site a bit more. See How to Contribute for details.

Also, I added some links to the front page here (and did some cleaning up too) to give people some ideas about what to write. There are tons of guides, most very well written, floating around the official forums, I hope to attract the authors here to publish their work, and collaborate with others.

Well, help or no help, I'm dedicated to the project now, and I will see it through to the end. However long that takes.



Well, the construction continues. The Areas page is what I've been focusing my energy on. It works, but I'll probably end up scrapping it and going with a different style eventually. It seems rather plain at the moment. I was thinking an interactive map would work well there.

Also, theres a lot of real-estate here on the front page, and I have no idea what to do with it. I need to start getting some fresh ideas injected into this thing. I think I've been working on it too long.

As always, wish me luck.