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03/01/2009 - Monsters of the main map are finished!!!

All images, stats and drops of man area monsters are added, bus still may contain some small mistakes.

Badge drops have to be checked throughly because i couldn't find data about them so they have to be confirmed by in-game experience.


12/12/2008 - Correction

Looks that file with drops i got is not fully dependable, and the rare drops are most probably still out there, but i cant provide you with data about them.


12/11/2008 - Bad news

I finally finished updating Atlantis drops, with data sent with Atlantis update and guess what…
yes, that's true :(
all s-class items have disappeared (not only 95+, all 85+)
all rides and robots have disappeared
all spells/stances have disappeared
drop rates of good items are lower
money drops are lower

don't worry, be happy

they will be probably available from lucky bags :D


11/22/2008 - New icons directory

I finally uploaded all icons to the Wiki, so the correct directory for icons is now:
Old one doesn't work any more and has to be changed everywhere.
If you want to add new icon and don't know what the icon number is, check it on Item list. There's still a lot of icon missing but i'll be adding them later.


11/20/2008 - Useful files

All useful files are now in How to Contribute section.


10/25/2008 - Drop info

Looks that i have to correct myself. THERE IS NEW DROP INFO!!!!!
It was named differently and was sent not with a patch, but with update right after it ( so i just overlooked it.
But it'll take some time to put this data into the Wiki…


10/23/2008 - Tricky Panocha Shapeshift

There are three possibilities for each kind:
Wasabi Tricky Panocha: Pumpkin, Decrusader, Circus Tyrant
Karashi Tricky Panocha: Imp, Magic Pumpkinman, Paopao
Spicy Tricky Panocha: Skeletal Rogue, Mummy, Evil Leech


10/15/2008 - New Sets

crack-cyclone.gif fury-sea.gif wreckage-sand.gif attacking-hell-fire.gif hajiar-s-sea-adventure.gif morquri-s-mastery.gif nasiss-s-narcissism.gif blue-moonlight.gif
More info in Armor Sets section.



Full List of Cards available now.
(Image mistakes, for example Paopao and Iron Mane Blaic, are not my mistakes)


10/9/2008 - News from Atlantis

I checked some of new data files and this are the changes i found till now:

  • Lower level cardsets are added - I've already fixed names and rewards. Cards and details will be added soon.
  • Some new items, monsters, spells. I'll be checking those as fast as possible.
  • There were no changes in monster stats so all information about atlantis monsters (excluding drops) should be correct.

more soon…



I was thinking about adding more info about monsters. Examples here: Lily, Angel Fish
Waiting for your comments on forum.



Lost Atlantis monsters ("Atlantis" tab)
Dragon Pet



I'm going on vacation for more than week (back next Sunday). So have fun and don't mess up the Wiki ;) I'm going to have fun in the other way.



I'm sure everyone has read about the new event thats going to be happening soon… If not, then do so here: Rabbit and Wolf on Midday Autumn

Well ThalesRB has added the following pages to the Wiki in preparation for it. Wolf Marxiya, Howling Wolf and Surge Wolf.

Thanks ThalesRB!



I guess no one noticed yet, because you're not talking about it. seems that 100lvl s-class items will not be dropped by any monsters and even lucky bags. the only way of getting them will be producing… i wonder what prices will they have at the market. Chance of making s-class 100lvl weapon will be 0,01% from normal recipe and 0,05% from advanced one…



:) raymon-seabed-steed.gif yelo-fast-seahorse.gif round-mini-seal.gif round-spot-seal.gif more in rides section…


Done with 80-100 lvl spells. I hope I didn't make too many mistakes. It's really hard to cope with all those numbers…
Card Collection



Added stances up to 100 lvl and a lot of new Emotes :)


9/03/2008 - New Expansion

Added already some stuff from new extension. Check weapons, trinkets, cloaks, bags, rides and robots (no armors yet). First three monsters are here too: Color Crab, Color Whelk, Ink Octopus.
And here new maps: atlantis (large file). It was my guess how to put them together, but i think it's correct.

There was a lot of other updates in the meantime too. Lots of Pet Section changes, some in Treasure Maps and much more in different places…
Also some new sections: Armor Sets, Fashion and Emotes.
em015.gif Have fun…


7/26/2008 - Pet's spell list

Completed pet's spell list, i hope it will be useful…

Mage spell lists are done too. But there might be still some small mistakes. I wasn't checking everything thoroughly.


7/24/2008 - Elf Pet

Added some basic info about Elf Pet and completed Sword, Axe, Spear, Common stances…


7/23/2008 - A new front page layout again.

As you can see, the look of front bage has changed again… Aoi gave me administrator rights now i can fully take care of this Wiki :)
But I'm not to good at writing English, so don't expect much news here.

For now I'm deciphering files decoded with Aoi's program, there's so much info in them… But so much time is needed to put it all into Wiki :/
You can see some effects at Fane Protector and Fane Priest pages, Sad Abyss and some other monsters' pages. More are coming soon.
I also corrected and completed spells pages: Earth, Life, Chaos, Wraith.
You can check new Wind Pet page too.

Constructive feedback will be appreciated…


5/23/2008 - A new front page layout.

I'm back from my disappearing act and ready to get started with the hardcore page editing.

As you can see, I've redone the front page a little. This may change slightly in the next couple of days.
Let me know what you think on the forums.

My current goal is to get the information for the monsters up to the Eden expansion put in, within 10 days. I'll be going on vacation on June 11th, so time is short for me, and unfortunately I'm the only one that can do it.

On a completely different note, thanks again everyone for your hard work filling in pages. The site is growing beautifully and it's all thanks to you! I'm quite proud of what we've accomplished so far!

All the sections look great, and they just seem to get better every day.


5/09/2008 - Random Update.

Thought I'd do an update.

Heaven is almost done. Just need to finish filling out the shops.

After that, I think I'll just continue on down the Areas list until I've gotten everything.

At this rate though, it'll be a long time before I'm done though. Perhaps I should just focus on filling out the Bestiary and see if others join in to fill in the blanks behind me?

Oh well. I'd rather leave areas as complete as I can as I go through. Theres less work for me that way, in the long run. Just remember guys, the longer it takes me to fill out the newbie areas, the longer everyone will have to wait to find out where to get those new rides and such that came out in the Eden expansion. =)

So if you want to know, get in there and get typing. Don't worry about the graphics, I can fill those in.