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4/1/2015 - About editing

So as you can see, the wiki is slowly catching up to the game thanks to Katilette, ijbest, and birthdaybeating.
But please make sure that everyone who is working on this wiki knows what he/she is supposed to do.
You should divide pages between each other to make it easier for everyone. Use this forum thread to discuss anything related to this wiki Updating English Wiki


4/23/2013 - Yay!

So, our wiki is a bit out-dated, and we're looking for a little help with editing ^^
Check the Updating English Wiki thread on the Angels Online forum for more details~
And we have a few people updating maps, monsters, Fashion PDs, and armors.


2/9/2013 - Update

Hey everyone, new wiki mod here. I'll be updating Weapons up to lvl 190 for now, then I'll move to sets and all major stuff that need to be updated.
I'll try to update as much as possible for now. More updates during the weekend because of school~


10/22/2012 - So, umm…

I hardly even play anymore. But other people have been working on stuff. Just want to make sure a couple things are clear here:

  1. Ads: I don't make anything from them. Wikidot puts those there for users who aren't logged in. Just log in to get rid of them
  2. Changing restricted pages: I can still do it. Just ask me on Windows Live Messenger (moc.liamtoh|onelr00p#moc.liamtoh|onelr00p) or get a hold of me somehow and I'll take care of it
  3. Demacia. Heck yeah.
  4. If you need any of my old wiki-data-creating tools I can try to dig them up.

4/1/2011 - Work work work.

HI PEOPLE! Well, I know I haven't gotten much done recently. That's namely because well, college doesn't exactly give me a lot of free time in which to extract alllllllll the information from the game and parse it into a format that the wiki accepts. As we get within a month of the end of the semester, I've begun to work on writing my little programs that take the information and decode it directly onto the wiki (or at least text files I can copypaste from XD). Regardless, once classes let out, I should have some major updates inbound for both English and Spanish wikis.


8/20/2010 - Distinct lack of drop information

Well, we're still trying to get our grubby little hands on the drop data for the latest expansion. Problem is, we haven't found it yet. Bottom line is that you'll know when we know. Comprehensive articles on pet fusion, item fusion, and pet merging should be available soon-ish. That's all for now


6/27/2010 - Me too

I've now got rights to poke around here myself-so you can expect to see me doing my thing. Since I've got rights to both wikis as well as the official forums, I'll start taking to making things the same throughout. Best place to get a hold of me if theres something particular you want taken care of is by sending me a forum PM here.


6/26/2010 - Mod made permanent

So far Conci has done a wonderful job as the new AO Wiki Mod. I would love to see this wiki flourish again, so I'm making sure that he can stay on board as long as he is willing to.

Also, congratulations to the Spanish AO Wiki team! It looks fantastic and you guys have my blessing as well.


6/24/2010 - New mod & Pre-expansion clean-up

Thanks to Wikidot Support our wiki has a mod. This means lots of updates to the home page, deleting all the junk files, fixing page names, etc. :) If you think there's something that needs editing and admin/mod access, let me know on the forum by PMing me at assassindeath8.

However, this arrangement may be temporary due to the extraordinary circumstances, so my access could be removed at any time bringing us back to admin/mod-less wiki. :(

On to the second issue at hand. As we get closer to the release of Candyland, the more outdated the wiki is: we need to redouble our efforts and be ready for all the new info! So please take the extra time and fix errors and mistakes you find.


03/01/2009 - Monsters of the main map are finished!!!

All images, stats and drops of man area monsters are added, bus still may contain some small mistakes.

Badge drops have to be checked throughly because i couldn't find data about them so they have to be confirmed by in-game experience.


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